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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Nov 2, 2020

PugHearts of Houston is a non-profit rescue dedicated to giving unwanted and neglected Pugs a second chance. It is staffed by a network of volunteers in and around the greater Houston, TX area.
Some of these volunteers donate their time; they pick up dogs, drive them to vet appointments, process adoption applications and help us out at events we attend throughout the year. Some volunteers open their hearts and homes to our Rescues and provide safe, loving foster homes for these dogs.

None of our dogs stay in a shelter or kennel. All of our dogs are in private foster homes throughout the area. They learn to live (some of them for the first time) in a home with foster siblings and parents who teach them how to be part of a loving family. These fosters will try to get them ready for the next phase of their lives – when they get to join their new forever home!

Interesting in Adopting? Here's what you should do...

Read the FAQ below. Click the Pugs? and Learn tabs at the top of this website to read more about PugHearts and the breed. Taking the time to do some research about the breed will ensure that this is the right breed for you.

Look over the Our Dogs section to see if we have a pug available that would be a good match for you and your family. Any dog listed in this section is available unless their bio states they are on medical hold. As soon as a dog is adopted out they are moved to our Success Stories page.
Complete an adoption application using the Adopt tab on this website. Be sure to answer every single question as an incomplete application will not be processed.Remember, there is no obligation or commitment when you fill out an application. Even if you are approved, we will not place a pug with you until you (& we!) are certain you have found the perfect match. To make sure of this we will conduct a home visit as well a Meet & Greet with you and your potential adoptee. Our goal is to make sure that our Rescues find their true FOREVER home and never find themselves homeless again.


Q: Can I come see the dogs?

A: No, our dogs do not live at a shelter; they are in private foster homes.

Q: How will I know which dog is right for me?

A: Start by reading the bios and looking at the photos of the dog. If you find one you think you are interested in, complete an adoption application and list that dog on it. One of our volunteers will contact you (usually within a week or so) to talk to you about your application and that dog. If it sounds like a good fit, we will then arrange a “meet & greet” for you and that dog.

Q: Is there any way I can meet a dog before putting in an application?

A: If you do not have an approved adoption application on file, we will not schedule a “meet & greet” for you and a dog. However, we do try to bring as many of our rescues as possible to the Houston Pug Meetup. This is held the first Saturday of every month at Danny Jackson Dog Park. We usually have several volunteers there too who can answer general questions about PugHearts. NO adoptions take place during the meetups, they are for socialization only.

Q: What if I want a dog but don’t see one on your website I’d like?
A: Complete the adoption application. Unfortunately, we always have more dogs coming into our care. If you complete an application and we have it already approved, then we can contact you if a dog comes in that meets your request. Also, if you see one added to our website that you’d like to meet we can proceed directly to that step – no waiting for your application to be processed!

Q: How much is it to adopt a dog?

A: There is a $400 for adults and $500 for puppies adoption fee. This covers all medical expenses for the dog including rabies and other vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm testing and microchipping.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to put in an application?

A: No. We do not collect the adoption fee until your new furry family member is with you.

Q: What if I think I want to adopt but I’m not sure yet?

A: Completing the adoption application does not place you under any obligation. If you change your mind, just drop us an email or use the contact form and tell us you would like to withdraw your application. Or you can tell us you would like to put it “on hold” until you are sure. There is no commitment when you fill out the application.

Q: How long does it take to process an adoption application?

A: Usually 2 -3 weeks, though not always. Processing time varies depending upon how many applications we have recently received and how many volunteers we have helping us at the time.

Q: I put in an adoption application but haven’t heard anything. How do I contact PugHearts?

A: Use the Contact form on our website. We are an all volunteer staff which means we all work full time jobs and help out in our free time. One of our volunteers will get back with you shortly, though not always on the same day.

Q: How do I become a volunteer/foster?

A: Fill out the Contact form on our website. Someone will get in touch with you to discuss your area of interest.

Q: How do I contact PugHearts for more information?

A: For any general inquiries or comments, please use our Contact form to leave us a message.

Q: How do I contact PugHearts in an emergency?

A: If you know of a Pug that is in danger, please use our Contact form and select the “Urgent - Pug In Danger” option from our drop-down menu. Also, if you need to surrender a pug or have found a pug that you would like us to pick up, use the contact form and select the “I would like to surrender a pug” selection. If email is not an option you can contact our Emergency Hotline at 281-968-4958. Leave a message after the tone – we will be notified immediately that a message has been left and we will contact you shortly. Please note that this is an Emergency Hotline only – messages regarding adoption applications and general questions should not be left at this number – use the contact form instead.

Q: I saw a Pug at my local animal control shelter. How do I let PugHearts know it is there?

A: While PugHearts works very closely with all of the local shelters and will probably already know about this dog (most shelters have a mandatory waiting period before the dog can be released to a Rescue) you may know about one that we haven’t seen. Please use our Contact form to let us know where you saw a Pug needing a new home using the “I have information on a Pug needing help” option. This is also true of online classified ad sites (such as Craigslist).

Q: I’d like to know when PugHearts will be having a fundraiser/event – how can I get on your email list?

A: Come and join us on Facebook for up to the minute updates on all events.