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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Mar 6, 2023

Military and contract working dogs keep our soldiers and facilities safe by sniffing out bombs and tackling terrorists, and just like human veterans they may end up with health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. Mission K9 Rescue works to bring these heroic dogs home and place them in comfortable, peaceful, loving homes for the rest of their lives. Read on for details and contact us to speak with officials of this unique nonprofit!

Giving Working Dogs a Peaceful Retirement 5 Ways

Mission K9 Rescue helps any retired working dog that has served mankind, including retired military dogs, contractor working dogs, and police dogs, through 5Rs:

Rescue – We work to rescue any military working dog or contractor working dog that needs help, whether it be bringing them back from overseas or rescuing them from a poor environment stateside.

Reunite – We work to reunite retired working dogs with any handler that wants them and has proven they can provide a good home, including transporting the dog to the handler.

Re-Home – For any retired working dog that does not have a designated handler, we work to find them the perfect loving home.

Rehabilitate – We work with dogs suffering PTSD and other effects of severe stress and anxiety from their former occupations to help reintegrate them into society and make them suitable for adoption.

Repair – Working dogs train like professional athletes for their entire careers, and often suffer from extensive medical issues that can become quite costly. Since they don’t receive retirement benefits, Mission K9 Rescue provides all veterinary needs while in our care.

“We're raising funds to take care of these dogs — to bring dogs back from all over the world where they are stuck in kennels after retirement, and to provide medical care for working dogs who have worked like athletes their entire lives and now have injuries and health issues. It can be really costly to get them ready for adoption,” explains Mission K9 president Kristen Maurer.

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