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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Feb 6, 2022

Nicole Birkholzer, speaker, author, educator, is an animal communicator, and equine behavior and communication specialist. Her unique approach to working with all animals is based on respect, deep listening, and ancient wisdom. Nicole's work is informed by over two decades of working one-on-one with individual animals, animal rescue organizations, and as the director of a therapeutic riding center. 

Over 20 years, Nicole has developed a mindful communication and problem-solving approach informed by traditional skills and inspired by ancient animal wisdom, ​

the Mindful Connections® Approach.

In her consultations, webinars, workshops, and talks Nicole teaches you to engage with your animals in the present moment, explores the logic behind your animal's behaviors, and helps you find mindful solutions.

Nicole's animal communication sessions may include long-distance healing through energy work, which is especially beneficial for animals

who've experienced:

  • injury

  • surgery

  • mental, emotional, physical trauma

The healing sessions are informed by Nicole's expertise as an essential oil practitioner, her training in Flowtrition, and the knowledge she has received from the animal kingdom about healing and self-healing.​

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