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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Feb 8, 2018

Cindy Myers is an animal listener and Intuitive coach.  The bond between a human and their pets is far stronger than most people realize. It is so easy for our animals to absorb our emotions, unknowingly taking our stresses onto themselves. How can we help our pets during these times of great stress, for both them and us?

On Thursday, February 15th, Cindy will be holding a completely free Webinar focusing on animals and their emotions. In the Animals & Emotions Webinar, we will be answering the above questions, showing off some live demos, and lots more. You will learn how developing your communication skills with animals can create a healthier and closer relationship between you and your pets. By strengthening your animal communication abilities, you will be able to help your pet release trapped emotions, get rid of emotional baggage, and much more. 

As I said, the Animal & Emotions Webinar is completely free. You just need to sign up for an invite and I will immediately send your login information. I’ll also send you two reminders of the webinar, one the day before and another one hour before the webinar begins.  

Sign up for the free webinar: