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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Mar 22, 2022

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Nicole Birkholzer
Animal Communication & Wellness Specialist
Author - Speaker - Educator
+ NEW Podcaster

Mar 14, 2022

What Are the Stages of Grief?

Your feelings may happen in phases as you come to terms with your loss. You can’t control the process, but it’s helpful to know the reasons behind your feelings. All people experience grief differently. Though it it no longer considered the ideal way to think about grief, you may have...

Mar 6, 2022

Although young children shouldn’t be given total responsibility for pet care, learning the basics can keep both them and your pets safe and sound.

If you’ve recently brought a cat or dog into your home, congratulations. Not only can a pet become a child’s best friend, but exposing young ones to an animal's germs...

Mar 1, 2022

Francesca Arnoldy, UVM alumna and longtime birth worker, is the course developer, facilitator, and program director of the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine’s End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate Program. She is author of Cultivating the Doula Heart: The Essentials of Compassionate Care and leads...