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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Aug 17, 2020

How to Win on Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide for Local Businesses.


SocialGuideCover.pngSocial media is huge for brand awareness, gaining new customers, and making sales. What if you had the definitive guide created by renowned social media guru Dennis Yu? Now you do.

Get this guide to learn the step-by-step strategy used by digital marketing maven Dennis Yu as he works with some of the biggest brands out there. He has consolidated the lessons learned through his experience to create a winning formula for local businesses. This is the formula we use to help our clients conquer the local market.

What's inside?

  • Deep tactical tips on conquering social media marketing for local businesses
  • Eleven simple steps to turn your social media pages into lead-generators
  • A step by step guide to setting up your "digital plumbing," including analytics
  • Links to external resources to help you develop a winning content strategy
  • Stats, tools, and insights to help you succeed

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