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Bark n Wag 15 Minute Vet Talk

Aug 14, 2022

What To Do If You Lost or Found a Pet
Vea los protocolos de mascotas perdidas en español a continuación

**Our team will do our very best to assist with every lost pet as it is our passion to save every single lost pet. Due to the high volume of lost reports we receive daily, we may have limited number of volunteers and resources, and may not be able to assist on every search. Please follow our search protocols that we have listed in detail on our Lost A Pet tab at


  • Call ALL of the following to REPORT LOST:

    • Summit County Animal Control 970-668-8600

    • Call Summit County Shelter 970-668-3230

    • Call Summit Lost Pet Rescue 970-423-5701​

  • COMFORT/SCENT STATIONS- place out owner’s dirty clothes, dirty towels, dirty sheets, pet bed, etc ASAP in area where pet was last seen. If missing pet has a sibling pet, rub towels on the sibling pet and leave those where the pet went missing as well for scents.

  • SHARE on the following Facebook pages:

    • Summit Lost Pet Rescue

    • Summit County Loves Their Pets

    • Dog Gone Summit County

    • One Man’s Junk Summit County

      • Post a picture and name of lost animal

      • Date, time, exact location lost

      • Phone number of owner to call or text if seen

      • Describe animal- shy, skittish, friendly, what color collar, etc

  • NEON SIGNS- hang neon foamboard signs and write in big black marker: “LOST DOG/CAT”,  “BREED", “CALL TEXT xxx-xxx-xxxx”, “DO NOT CHASE”  See example on

  • SHARE on :







  • Call your microchip company and report lost

  • Call all local vets and shelters in area and surrounding areas


    • DO NOT CALL or CHASE pet

    • Get low to ground, turn back, don’t make eye contact and do not call his name or chase.  He’s in flight or fight mode and will run.  If you see him, do these steps and toss some treats his way.  Act like you’re eating and dropping crumbs to see if it’ll entice him to come. Build trust. Let him come to you.

    • Be patient & calm

    • If missing pet has a sibling pet, take them with you on every search to spread the scent​

    • Keep smelly treats with you and a lead leash. 

    • If you see him, he may not recognize you right away (don’t take this personally, its part of survival mode, they get confused). ​

    • Keep chip bag or paper with you and make crinkly sound. 

  • FLYERS- and flyer from this site, print and hang on bus stops, Summit Daily Boxes, gas stations, local restaurants & businesses, neighbors cars, and share with Fedex/Ups/Post Office/mailman/garbage truck drivers, etc​


  • Post sign in owners yard- “LOST DOG/CAT LIVES HERE”​​​

  • Window markers on your car- write "lost dog/cat, description, location, phone number"

  • Look on Craigslist for free pets or pets for sale (just in case someone picked up your lost pet and is trying to sell) 

  • Look on &

Those with information about this lost pet should contact Summit Lost Pet Rescue, Inc. (“SLPR”) at 970-423-5701.   IMPORTANT:  Those reading this flyer are not authorized to conduct or assist in pet searches for, or on behalf SLPR, without first registering with and executing a waiver and release with SLPR at  Those who conduct or assist in pet searches without first doing so, do so at their own risk, peril and liability.